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Found the next generation video on

Well, its not bluff..Elop Wharton explains a lot…over here. It is logically possible and we expect this in future..

Even for more soup..check out…


the new abbreviation to learn . MSFT engineers this as compatibility for boxes with no video cards. Do really market requires it?. Beta shows satisfactory performance over intel integrated graphics.

Well, more details is at WARP. Interested thing is that Aero on Win 7 will not require any integrated graphics and adds that any CPU over 800 MHz will run.

Ironically, it requires 512 MB RAM and it will use GPU. They lament on Front Side Bus transmission speed i.e. 10 GBPS against 25-100 GBPS speed of video cards. However, MS has at least start considering performance on native hardware instead on relying additional for running basic operating system.

Below is sample image for rasterization.


(Source from

At least better than current renderings.


Finally, Back with lots of new stuffs like..Google Checkout api’s, ajax control toolkits, my phone spell search engine.

Just programmed lots of data-structures, hectic logics, optimised code, profile binary machines..

Hurray, now got reward of it.

Its live now..
Soon i will be giving url of it.

Bravo…i have..finally won the battle guys.Now, i breath freely..oh i have cross one of the milestone..Again,article got gr8 response..whooping.

Common friends..time to sleep now……Now,i will like to havea gr8 sleep…

Just published my article on code project.Its about image zoom,pann in web can find it below

My Article

So,please buddies comment it out..Oh..well some illness is on.Again my battle continues…exam week is on guys.

Finally,Day has come show skills.All weapons initialized and rendered.
Its my exam day..really its gr8 to give exams…Sometimes only.

So back to reading now…Need to optimise my blog… make it searchable by SEO’s.

Soon it will be achieved…

Just cleared first paper…70-536..Oh it was like cracking hard bolts..Stuffed up with..48 hours fevicol technical reading..and finally…broked it..Questions tricky making confused……….but microsoft still need improvement..hhahaha…

Now moving for next paper..dudes…70-528..Again ..Again i need to read now..but had to…

Some thing i would like to blog is ..about AJAX .Running Apps on Ajax can also damage your resources.Never i think that is always beneficial.Developing Static monitoring app through ajax will only consume HTTP port nothing else.Ajax also kills BACK button and more over. print of page is also harnesed.Implementing AJAX without your app needs is just a silliness.Wrapper of .net on ajax also yields enabling support of library for ajax functions are customized but it will not suffer from lack of DHTML view as suffered in opera and netcaptor.Buzzword AJAX its just a synchronization of concepts.

Handling XML as your data ,Javascript responsible for DOM control and embedded functions for HTTP SUPPORT makes..AJAX work.

User Goals

User of system targets easiness of Apps.Designing system considering their view will only make system in a true case to work for.User means not just a entity as we model in software but understanding his mentality daily routine scenario will lead a path to real usability of software.Volatility in thoughts of user arrive several times leading SDLC to run more but only more cycles can cover longer distance of real business process.Breaching semantic gap as a software engineer need not completely fills it but it need to widen more after several cycles to get inner edge and deep vision about forth coming requirements.Delivering a right practice of interviewing is key benefit of any real modeling.Software in developer’s mind and s.w in user’s mind must match a same picture.Sharing a mental bridge of context has to work out for.Its same as handshaking that needs to get be done from both sides to really meet at a solution.


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